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  • 825 Watts, two speed.
  • For quick blending & whipping.
  • Handy & easy to operate.
  • Ideal for large quantity or tough jobs.
  • Suitable for Bakeries, hotels, restaurants, Dhabas, shake parlors, food joints, etc.

Selecting a good commercial blender from so many models available in market is not that easy. But here we have the best and heavy duty commercial blender NEXA 825 from BonChef which is an immersion blender but specially made for commercial use. Forget about those heavy blenders covering mammoth like space in your kitchen. This aesthetic, slim and easy to use hand blender is as powerful as those heavy commercial blenders even this model is so light and powerful, you can make smoothies and at the same time whipping cream for making icing for a cake.

Versatility of NEXA 825

NEXA 825 is so versatile that it is suitable for a restaurant as well as a bakery too. As in the name, NEXA 825, it has a powerful motor of 825 Watts and comes with two speed modes for light and heavy blending. As mentioned above, it is the best product for blending and whipping, thanks to which you can obtain more homogeneous mixes avoiding splashes, so as to keep you and your kitchen clean.

It mixes any dense or viscous fluid very easily with a special floral shape bell, which keeps the food more inward for a finer and more consistent blending. The ideal shredding is also assured by the particular position of the blades, placed in the opposite direction with respect to the bell. It is comparable to the best electric chopper online India.